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  1. Blanc magazine


    Photography by Andrew Hiles

    Fashion Editing by Aiden Connor
    Hair Styling by Zoe Irwin
    Make up by Heidi North
    Fashion Assistance by Larissa Besch
    Modelling by Bailey at AMCK
    Sophie Drake at STORM

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  2. Project L

    Their unique approach on how and where to wear latex clothes has captivated and mesmerized us by their sheer beauty and distinctive style. Latex attire don't always need to be erotic or sexually charged, it can also be worn day by day as Tuomas lenses show so eloquently.

    Photography by Tuomas Siitonen

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  3. Candy Valentina

    How absolutely gorgeous are these photos of Candy Valentine wearing our Metropolis corset?
    They are featured in the latest edition of the super cool girls with attitude 

    Please view  the Metropolis corset here


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  4. Skin Two Magazine

    HOT OFF THE PRESS: Libidex is on the cover of the latest SkinTwo magazine again, a timeless classic photo by Trevor Watson of the legendary fetish world modelling muse - now artist extraordinaire and Liberation darling - Deborah Griffin. This is a milestone issue for Libidex, as not only are we gracing the cover but there are no less than seven full pages of Libidex fashion in this current issue including an outrageously original shoot collaboration between Kim from club Rub, Trevor Watson and Libidex. This features our Princess catsuit in various bright colours, photographed against London's most iconic sites such as Tower bridge, The Albert Memorial and Piccadilly Circus amongst others (the pictures were originally conceived as Club Rub flyers).

    Last but not least, the current issue includes some masterfully shot photos of (yet again!) our Princes Catsuit, which seems to be every photographer's dream and with good reason - as the results are simply stunning. German photographer Marcus Gloger has created iconic images with a heavy bondage atmosphere of a hooded, corseted model in full latex enclosure and vertiginous high heeled ballet pumps - just what bondage dreams are made of!


    SkinTwo cover and Coloured Princess catsuit parade about town

    Photography : Trevor Watson


    Bondage Princess catsuit

    Photography: Marcus Gogler -




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  5. Bob Carlos Clarke retrospective spotlights Libidex creations

    A new exhibition looking back over the career of one of the UK’s most iconic fetish photographers – the late and much lamented Bob Carlos Clarke – will feature pictures he created using Libidex latex garments.

    Living dolls – which runs from10 May to 21 June 2014 at the Little Black Gallery in Chelsea, London, will celebrate the tenth anniversary since the photographer’s acclaimed final exhibition in 2004, Love-Dolls-Never-Die before his untimely death in 2006.

    This new show will bring together a wide range of his work, including Oscar-winner British actress Rachel Weisz (one of Bob’s closet friends before she was even famous) posing in a Libidex Matrix Black catsuit, and many other models in latex creations.

    For those of you new to Bob Carlos Clark dark and groundbreanking work, he was born in Ireland in 1950.

    He came to England in swinging 60s to study at the Sussex college of Art where he fell in love with photography.

    After studying at the London College of printing he then completed his degree at the Royal College of Art in 1975.

    Although the more conservative were easily shocked by his controversial work, his images have been embraced by the art world and he even proved himself to be commercially successful, working on many advertising campaigns as well as producing six books.

    Most importantly to note is perhaps his posthumous achievements as his body of work is now vastly collectable and his images were purchased by National Portrait Gallery, National Media Museum and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.

    Libidex’s Simon Rose was a good friend of Bob, and was working with him on a new photoshoot featuring Libidex creations at the time of his tragic death. “Bob said to me that there wasn’t enough real sexuality in latex fashion photography, so we set about trying to put that right. Sadly Bob didn’t live to complete the shoot, but many of his ideas for it were quite developed, so I completed it posthumously for him as a tribute in collaboration with the photographer Emma Delves-Broughton. You could say it was Bob’s ‘unfinished’ shoot!

     “I am very much looking forward to seeing the exhibition, which from the previews looks to be a very fine examination of Bob’s fantastic work.”

    Photography by Bob Carlos Clarke,  [email protected] Carlos and  Emma Delves-Broughton


    Scarlett ©Scarlett Carlos Clarke


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  6. Mademoiselle

    This is our first major new collection since our highly successful LIBIDEX:MAN and Love Lingerie collections, and – so Simon, the man in charge of our design team, tells us - it heralds the start of a series of new collections to be launched by Libidex over the next year or so.

    Our Mademoiselle Collection offers over 160 new designs in latex clothing for women – the biggest range we’ve ever launched at one time – and expands the choice available at Libidex to over 1000 different designs. We reckon that’s one of the largest offerings of any latex clothing maker in the world!

    Says Simon: “These new designs develop some of the ideas in the existing Libidex collection, but introduce lots of new items such as Boleros, Robes, Capes, Peplum Skirts and Jackets, which join the Libidex range for the first time.
    “As with everything we do, we want this collection to be exciting, sexy and stylish, as well as eminently wearable and affordable; so we’ve come up with designs that work well in the club, in the bedroom, or even on the street, and give classic looks a cheeky latex twist. I am sure this collection will have great appeal to latex aficionados and newcomers to the scene alike.”
    The new Mademoiselle Collection is ready to order on the Libidex site now.

    Here is a selection our top 30 styles from Mademoiselle collection. 


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  7. Libidex on Rollacoaster magazine

    Rollacoaster is a luxury triennial, which offers a colourful, industry-leading perspective on all things fashion, beauty, music, film, TV and youth culture.
    Retailed in WHSmith and newsstands across the UK - as well as in select stores internationally - Rollacoaster is also handed out in boutiques across London during Fashion Week and London Collections: Men

    Pouch shorts

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  8. Libidex Latex Livery

    Italian fashion label Henry Cotton’s chose Libidex to make latex livery for maids and butlers appearing in the shoot for its spring 2014 collection.

    Henry Cotton’s, who describe their products as “embodying a typically British country gentleman’s lifestyle, but with quality standards typical of the Italian manufacturing tradition” wanted to give a bit of a twist to the country house theme by featuring latex-clad maid and butler ‘robots’ attending on the fashion models.

    “It was a very imaginative idea and worked very well”, according to our own Simon who led the team working on the project. “The robot masks set off the latex outfits perfectly, and give a kinkily surreal edge to the whole shoot.”

    The Henry Cotton's brand draws inspiration from the British golfer Henry Thomas Cotton whose love for taste and elegance in clothing led him to develop a his own very distinct style. The brand, created in 1978 combining the principles of informal elegance with the golfing tradition and outdoor functionality, underwent a major repositioning in the 1990s to place it in the modern country segment.



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    It’s amazing what you can do with a piece of latex! Libidex were commissioned to produce an outfit for the lead role for the new sci-fi thriller ‘The Machine’, which was premiered in London last week at the gala last night of the Raindance Film Festival at the Vue cinema in London’s Leicester Square.

    Earlier, at the at the British Academy Cymru Awards at the Wales Millennium Centre on Sunday 29 September, The Machine won the Special Achievement for Film along with Best Costume Design – and the Libidex outfit was amongst the star features.

    The outfit is worn in the film by Caity Lotz, who plays a robotic machine with features and figure barely distinguishable from humans, and with an artificial intelligence that far exceeds mankind. She is created in an almost Frankensteineque fashion by a scientist (Toby Stephens) deep in a subterranean bunker and emerges clad from head to toe in Libidex latex!

    Asked by our own Simon at the Q&A’s after the premiere if she had enjoyed wearing the latex suit, Caity admitted she’d found the mask a bit frightening (not surprising perhaps as in the film it’s slit open with a razor to reveal her face!); but that the rest of the catsuit fitted perfectly and was great to wear!

    The Machine is expected to go on general release in March 2014. It was written and directed by Caradog W James and Produced by John Giwa-Amu. The cast includes Caity Lotz, Toby Stephens and Denis Lawson.

    Simon and Rogerio with Writer & Director Caradog W James

    Simon and Rogerio with Writer & Director Caradog W James

    The Machine

    The Machine


    The Machine

    The Machine

    Simon and Rogerio at the Raindance Festival in London's Leicester Square, attending the premier of The Machine


    Simon & Rogerio



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  10. Hungry for Libidex

    A nice selection of Libidex latex was paraded over the pages of Hunger magazine this month, showing us in dark and hard mode for once! It's the first time we've appeared in Hunger - a biannual  fashion magazine from photographer and publisher Rankin, which was launched in November 2011. Hunger is undoubtedly one of the most culturally challenging magazines around today, and photographer Rankin successfully blends fashion, lifestyle and art with a unique creative vision. Just the place we need to be seen in!

    Photography is by Dilma Hohlov and the Fashion Editor is Kimi O'Neill. 

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  11. National Portrait Gallery Acquires Carlos Clarke Pictures


    Works by fetish and celebrity photographer (and Libidex collaborator) Bob Carlos Clarke have been presented to the National Portrait Gallery in London by the Bob Carlos Clarke Foundation.


    The 10 portraits include subjects such as celebrity chef Marco Pierre White; a tousle-headed Rachael Weisz (another Libidex fan); Stones member Ronnie Wood reflecting on (and in) his guitar; an open-topped Mick Jagger photographed during performance at The Marquee in 1971; and an almost baby-faced study of Elton John.  

    Bob Carlos Clarke

    Before his suicide in 2006, Bob collaborated with Libidex’s Simon Rose on a number of projects, famously shooting our Goddess Catsuit as a chocoholic, decadently spilling a glassful of molten chocolate, which seems a favourite Carlos Clarke motif (Bob once considered shooting the model for his picture ‘Sticky Fingers’ dripping with chocolate, but finally settled on molasses).


    Simon was in the midst of planning a photo shoot with Bob when he heard of Bob’s death. “It was a great shock at the time, but I decided to go ahead and finish the shoot in the style that Bob and I had planned, with Emma Delves-Brougton behind the lens”, says Simon. “The results can be seen in some of the pictures on our website. It was, in a way, his last work – at any rate, it was greatly inspired by him.”

    For more info see The Libidex Story

    Bob Carlos Clarke

    Bob Carlos Clarke

    Bob Carlos Clarke

    Bob Carlos Clarke

    Photos: Emma Delves-Broughton

    Bob Carlos Clarke

    Bob Carlos Clarke

    Bob Carlos Clarke

    Bob Carlos Clarke

    More pics available here

    Credit: Bob Carlos Clarke / National Portrait Gallery

    Other Bob Carlos Clarke works featuring Libidex garments have included:

    Vanessa Upton in a classic Matrix Catsuit:

    Bob Carlos Clarke

    For more info click here

    Caprice also in a classic Matrix Catsuit:

    Bob Carlos Clarke

    For more info click here


    And the late Paula Yates (wife of Bob Geldof):

    Bob Carlos Clarke

    For more info click here

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    Libidex was commissioned by camp comic and ‘national trinket’ Julian Clary to make a latex ‘wedding suit’ for his current UK tour ‘Position Vacant’ – in which the ever-hopeful Julian auditions male members of the audience for the vacant position of his husband. The wedding suit – a stunning number in Metallic Fuchsia and Metallic Pewter - makes a breathtaking entrance at the end of the show when Julian finally gets hitched! ‘Position Vacant’ is touring the UK until 2nd June 2013.

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