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  1. Three big latex weekends ahead! German Fetish Ball, Florida Fetish Weekend, Texas Latex Party

    Three big latex weekends ahead! German Fetish Ball, Florida Fetish Weekend, Texas Latex Party

    Three of the international partying scene’s most important latex-focused annual gatherings are coming up in the first half of 2023.

    All are multi-day events where latex is the dominant fetishwear option, making them great opportunities to mix with other rubber-loving folk from near and far and show off your fetish finery. For one of them, this year’s event will also be its final get-together.

    But first the good news. It’s only just February and the German Fetish Ball Weekend — the scene’s most prestigious international gathering — has already confirmed four designer shows for this year’s Ball on May 20.

    Those brands are Jaded Jewall (masks) and Tarza & Jane (latex daywear) both from Germany, plus Blacklickorish (latex) and Dan Miga Designs (latex and leather) both from the USA.

    Discussions are reportedly under way right now with two more designers interested in staging shows in Berlin. So we might well see 2023’s final runway tally matching the eight-brand line-up of some earlier GFB years.

    After last year’s temporary move to Club Ost, the Berlin Ball itself makes a welcome return to previous riverside venue Spindler & Klatt. The full five-day programme (May 17-21), will include FetishGuerilla Revolution at KitKat and the German Fetish Fair, plus some prospective new additions.

    In the US, the latex-friendly Florida Fetish Weekend in late May sometimes clashes directly with the German Fetish Ball dates as both programmes are tied into public holidays whose dates move around each year.

    This year, however, FFW (at venues around Fort Lauderdale) is scheduled for May 25-28 — the week after GFB Weekend. So globe-trotting kinksters who have sometimes bemoaned having to choose between these two big fetish fests will have absolutely no excuse for not attending both in 2023!

    This year’s Florida Fetish Weekend has lopped one day off its traditional five-day programme, but it will still offer a varied programme of six indoor and outdoor parties and the bonus of a full hotel takeover for guests.

    Last but not least, sad news that the 30th anniversary of the legendary Texas Latex Party, which takes place next month (March 2-5) in a Houston hotel will be its final event.

    In its announcement, the TLP Board said: “While there may never be another event like TLP, we certainly expect our guests to find new ways to celebrate their love for fetish, friendships, parties, laughs, crazy pool parties, dancing on slippery floors, amazing vendors and fashion shows.”

    If you fancy joining TLP for their last hurrah but you’re not already known to them, contact them via their website below to request an invitation.


    German Fetish Ball 2023 fashion show: Jaded Jewall

    German Fetish Ball 2023 fashion show: Blacklickorish Latex
    (Image: Kylie Jenner)

    German Fetish Ball 2023 fashion show: Dan Miga Designs

    German Fetish Ball 2023 fashion show: Tarza & Jane



    Florida Fetish Weekend Pervy Pool Party (Photo: EVG)

    Florida Fetish Weekend Beat & Greet Party (Photo: Danielle Amore)

    Florida Fetish Weekend Beat & Greet Party (Photo: James Holmes)

    Florida Fetish Weekend (Photo: JHP)



    Texas Latex Party: ending this March after 30 years

    Texas Latex Party: ending this March after 30 years

    Texas Latex Party: ending this March after 30 years

    Photo credit : Nina Cedar.

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  2. Carol Vorderman clad in latex for a Fabulous birthday shoot!

    Last week the British tabloid media — the Sun, Mirror, Daily Star, Express etc — all fell over themselves to give fulsome coverage to a British celebrity who had decided the right way to celebrate her 62nd birthday was to dress up for a high-profile latex photoshoot!

    That woman was none other than British TV personality and erstwhile ‘Mistress of CountdownCarol Vorderman, or Vorders as she’s known to her legions of fans.

    Not only did Carol get dolled up in skin-tight red and black Atsuko Kudo latex for her birthday shoot for the Sun’s Sunday magazine supplement, Fabulous.

    On her Instagram she also posted behind-the-scenes views from the session, showing her starting out in pink leopard-print leggings and grey sweatshirt before having hair and make-up done and finally emerging in a highly polished red latex dress.

    Vorders also showcased an equally body-hugging, shiny black latex ensemble comprising boned corset top and pencil skirt.

    Her third outfit was a black latex bodysuit with tight black trousers and leather boots. It was a reminder that a polished latex piece can be very successfully teamed with more conventional fabrics for a look that’s adaptable to both daytime and evening moods.

    Most people would probably agree that Ms Vorderman is in great shape for a 62-year-old. But some might point out that not everyone of that age is blessed with a physique as youthful-looking and latex-friendly as hers is.

    Admittedly it does take a bit of self-confidence. But it’s worth remembering that the empowering, transformational effect of a latex outfit can do wonders in that department, regardless of age, shape or size!

    For the record, this Vorders photoshoot was not just a one-off ruse to gift the lady some desirable column inches for her birthday. Carol has actually been publicly wearing latex from a variety of British designers for many years now — as browsing through her online photos quickly confirms!


    images: Carol Vorderman Instagram (@carolvorders)


    images: Carol Vorderman Instagram (@carolvorders)

    All images: Carol Vorderman Instagram (@carolvorders)

    All images: Carol Vorderman Instagram (@carolvorders)

    All images: Carol Vorderman Instagram (@carolvorders)

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  3. LIBIDEX BLOG - The Start of the Skin Two Club – a talk hosted by Tony Mitchell

    A talk in London this coming Sunday (January 22) aims to fill an important gap in the recorded history of our modern fetish scene — namely the true origins both of kinky clubbing and latex fashion as we know them today.

    Presented by the Institute of SM Studies and taking place at the Bishopsgate Institute near Liverpool Street Station, London EC2, the two-hour event will be hosted by Fetishistas editor Tony Mitchell with guest speakers Daniel James and Beverley Glick (then known as music journalist ‘Betty Page’).

    All three were original Skin Two club insiders, involved in helping with the club’s launch in January 1983. Daniel was actually co-founder of the club, and his involvement led to his creating the first rubber clothing designs for women that looked good enough to be worn in public as fashion rather than just in the bedroom. This also led to a long and productive photographic partnership between Daniel and the late, great Bob Carlos Clarke.

    Beverley and Tony were both journalists on the music paper Sounds at the time. They became involved through their friendship with DJ, club host and record label boss David Claridge — who after initially co-hosting Skin Two, left for a lucrative television career as the man behind Roland Rat.

    The three speakers will begin by recalling various cultural milestones in the preceding decade that helped create the conditions for Skin Two’s launch — including some key London clubbing ventures of the New Romantic era.

    They’ll endeavour to paint a picture of what it felt like to descend the stairs to Soho basement venue Stallions for the launch of Skin Two on January 31 1983, and to find yourself among a community of like-minded kinksters in a cool club environment for the very first time.

    The talk will cover the changeover that occurred after David Claridge left the club and it changed its name to Maitresse. This freed up the Skin Two name for use as the title of a new fanzine-style magazine to be launched by Tim Woodward and Grace Lau about a year after the original club opened.

    If there‘s time, the three speakers will give a flavour of what each went on to do beyond their involvement in the original Skin Two club. And if there’s still time after that, they’ll be available for an audience Q&A.

    The Start of the Skin Two Club: 3–5pm on Sunday Jan 22 at the Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4QH. Advance tickets £10 plus fee (£11.01 total) from the Eventbrite link below. Tickets on the door: £13.



    Sue Scadding in an outtake from flyer shoot for the original Skin Two club

    (photo ©1982 Peter Ashworth).



    Speakers now (top L-R) …and then (bottom L-R): Daniel James, Beverley Glick (aka ‘Betty Page’), Tony Mitchell

    (bottom row photos, left and centre: ©1983 Peter Ashworth); right: Gordon Rondelle).



    One of the first latex dresses Daniel James designed was this backlaced Goddess dress, modelled here by Tricia Ronane for Daniel’s Maid In London catalogue.

    (image ℅ Daniel James/Maid In London, ©The Bob Carlos Clarke Estate).

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  4. Libidex Wins Best UK Clothing Company at the UK Fetish Awards

    Libidex Wins Best UK Clothing Company at the UK Fetish Awards for the Second Year Running.

    We are thrilled to announce that Libidex won Best UK Clothing Company at the UK Fetish Awards which took place at Proud Embankment Club on the 16th of November. And what a fabulous night it was too. Everyone in attendance was dressed up to the nines in their fetish finest.

    The atmosphere was electric, a mix of anticipation and pure abandonment to the intoxicating music pumping from the excellent sound system and the decadent surroundings the Proud Embankment Club is known for. People were partying as if it was 1999, with drinks a plenty and fabulous outfits galore, to rival the best fetish clubs in London. It truly was a night to remember. And when the big moment arrived and Libidex was announced as the winner for the second year running (we won in 2021 also), the crowd erupted into cheers and thunderous applause as we went on stage to collect our award.

    We would like to thank all our customers, friends and followers who voted for us. You are the reason we work so hard to constantly better ourselves as a company, and to have our efforts recognised by you all makes our job all the more enjoyable.


    [caption id="attachment_1351" align="alignnone" width="625"] photos taken by @kthing_imagery[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1352" align="alignnone" width="625"] photos taken by @kthing_imagery[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1353" align="alignnone" width="625"] photos taken by @kthing_imagery[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1354" align="alignnone" width="625"] photos taken by @kthing_imagery[/caption]

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  5. More Male Fashion in Attitude magazine



    Some uber trendy and very hot male Fashion in Attitude magazine August edition

    Photography Darren Black Fashion Nick Byam

    Matty-Carrington-2019-Attitude-002 Matty-Carrington-2019-Attitude-004 Matty-Carrington-2019-Attitude-005 tumblr_c9c2adfd54193a05918d0ab293d9342f_69c9f210_400 tumblr_pv9esqd2Rb1qc8puno6_640

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  6. Libidex Male Fashion in Attitude Magazine

    We are so pleased with these hot images of our Male corset featured in Attitude Magazine

    April edition.

    Photography William Baker

    Fashion Joseph Kocharian

    Model Joseph Taylor James


    54212917_558798614603692_8266231355101151232_n G1_DW208j7 G253778014_260559624855378_7663143463419904000_n307_Cover_Matthew_Camp_150dpi_J1jo88e

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  7. Miss Fame in Libidex

    Make up artist, model, singer, drag queen extraordinaire Miss Fame looking a million dollars in our Seduction catsuit, Curveline Corset, Sleeveless Princess Dress and Opera gloves. What an exquisite, super stylish shoot dripping in vintage Hollywood glamour.

    Photography Juliana Robin

    Hair and Make up Miss Fame

    Latex Libidex


    52401153_286908148671408_4367613369276956672_n 52498714_319229568942002_8349471188551991296_n 52598218_2231287380443458_3474115263807356928_n 52868321_152012952390530_7491483752426635264_n 52908251_251986089021004_5421490806324199424_n

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  8. Libidex Male Fashion Featured in Clash Magazine

    Some hot Libidex male fashion was featured in the Fall edition of UK based Clash magazine.

    Mens Fall 2018 Special
    Pretty Piece of Flesh
    Photography Rob Meyers
    Fashion Ben Schofield

    Clash109_ MensFetish-1 Clash109_ MensFetish-2 Clash109_ MensFetish-3 Clash109_ MensFetish-5 Clash109_ MensFetish-4small




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  9. Libidex featured in cutting edge fashion magazine Irk

    We would like to share with you these super stylish photographs featured in the latest edition of cutting edge fashion magazine Irk.  The gorgeous Bunny hood with Pink ears, seen here, was custom made especially for our Japanese friend and fetish model extraordinaire, Asuka who is also the model in this

    incredible editorial.

    Images by Karl Doyle

    Models Asuka and Ena -Latex Libidex and Kurage Japan.

    Asuka2 Asuka3 Asuka4 SMALLcopy Asuka5 Asukasmall1

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  10. Libidex Leggings featured in the Central Saint Martin London Fashion week graduation Show.

    We had great fun designing these gorgeous Stirrup leggings in funky colours for Paula Canovas del Vas's final show…/the-next-generation-of-talent…

    Paula Canovas del Vas’s collection was all about designing for empowered women. “I feel that every time there’s a womenswear designer making empowering clothes for women, they imitate menswear,” the designer explained. “As a woman designing for women, and as a consumer, I feel myself very restricted – it’s either very frigid or the very hot look.” This manifesto for powered-up female dressers came in the form of mixing the unexpected: a draped undergarment with an embossed felt jacket acting as armour in a bold palette of pink and yellow; PVC trousers mixed with mohair tops; giant shoulders that invited the wearer to take up more space. “There’s so much to explore as a woman designing for women: I want it hot, powerful, sexy, and elegant, all of those things in one. I feel like it’s my duty,” she finished.

    PC Paula C 4 3

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  11. Our gorgeous Madonna dress featured in the latest edition of Love magazine

    A superb styled favoured by our plus size clientele now it seems the fashion crowd is also in love with this beautifully tailored dress. Originally designed as a wedding dress, it has a delicate filigree neck line, 3/4 sleeves and a super romantic full circle skirt. So wherever your shape, this timeless classic piece is a most to all fetishistas and fashionistas alike.


    Rebelle Blackx correct-1

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  12. New Male Fetish Fashion Collection

    The wait is over. Our new Male Fetish Fashion collection is now available in our website And the great news is that we have a 25% OFF sale to launch this exciting new range.

    We have, for the first time in our site, some fantastic new items - like our Varsity Jacket, Gladiator Kilts, Adult Romper suit, full-length male coats, PLUS: over 6 new styles of catsuits, 20 new Tops and Polo shirts, including some funky and fun designs, as well as timeless classics like Sailor tops, two incredible-looking Polo Shirts themed with the Union Jack and Empire Of the Rising Sun flag. Cool and funky T-shirts and much more.

    We've designed lots of new jackets in various styles including biker, dinner, tuxedo and double-breasted, to name but a few.
    And that's not all!  We have loads of new styles of trousers and leggings such as suit trousers, uniforms, rave, sports gear, medical - you get the picture?!
    We have also revisited some of our classics, like the Police top now available as shirt with press studs instead of front zip.
    You will be spoilt for choice.
    In total, this brand new collection features over 130 new male styles and this is only part 1, with part 2 following in the next few months.


    pro_9_33 copy pro_9_53 copy pro_11_6 pro_12_22 copy pro_12_29 copy pro_12_33 pro_12_34 pro_12_38 pro_12_51 pro1_11_46 pro1_11_60 pro1_11_64 pro3_7_9



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